I’m excited to announce that I’ve had two chapbooks published! The first one is Dress Forms from dancing girl press (2016). Many thanks to Kristy Bowen for the lovely cover and design! Here is a link to the dancing girl press shop:


Here is a sample poem from Dress Forms:

         Mother tattered

over the bodice    rob bing

Robin red-breasted: single-

double-    triple-    many-    breasted


midwife, animal-tender, hunter,

virgin-keeper. Not my

mother—my indoor mother

of drapes, porcelain,

Louis XIV decors  & headless

dress forms she pinned her

worsted fantasies to.


The second chapbook is from Tammy, chiefly known to date for the Tammy journal.

Scar let    Woe man (2016) was among three chapbooks selected for their first foray into chapbook publishing.

Here is a link to Scar let   Woe man on the Tammy website:


Here is a poem from Scar let   Woe man:


            Id entity

[My]   id entity   doesn’t   know   all   myselves,

r aced   &   g end e red   into   a   two-   p art y   system.

Id entity   s woo ns   on   the   anal yst’s   c ouch,

freely   ass ociating.   [&   I’m   t he   the rapist.]

[My]   she   id entity   lives   in     Freudian   fear   of

any   need   to   r un   he r self   like   wolves.

Id entity   cr ashes   the   g lass   ceiling,

ig nor ing   the   l id   Freud   put   on   it.

[My]   he   id entity   ex presses   himself    in

id iot   g loss olalia.   Yo u   psycho rabble,

hysteria   isn’t   a   hurt ling,   w and er in g   womb;

it   isn’t   en vying   t he  s word   a   pen is   is.

[My]   id entity   is   n either   inn er   no r   under   w ear,

but   id iolect   I   he ar   myself   sh outing.


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